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How to install Google Apps in Genymotion?

Google Apps were removed from Genymotion in the version 2.0 because Google didn't allow them to use in Genymotion, that made almost perfect emulator for Android much less usable. But fortunately it is possible to install them again according to this guide. Unfortunately I have not been so successful, because the drag & drop method described in the guide did not work for me and according to other posts I'm not alone. So I have decided to write a guide that uses only adb.

First you need to download and install a virtual device in Genymotion and launch it. Then you download ARM Translation Installer v1.1 and Google Apps depending on version of the virtual device.

After that you need to upload files to the device.

adb push Genymotion-ARM-Translation_v1.1.zip /sdcard/Download/Genymotion-ARM-Translation_v1.1.zip
adb push gapps-jb-yyyymmdd-signed.zip /sdcard/Download/gapps.zip

Then you need to install ARM Translation and after that restart the device.

adb shell flash-archive.sh /sdcard/Download/Genymotion-ARM-Translation_v1.1.zip
adb reboot

And now the same way you install Google Apps.

adb shell flash-archive.sh /sdcard/Download/gapps.zip
adb reboot

After the device reboots, just start Google Play and sign up and start using Google Apps.

Tomáš Linhart

Tomáš Linhart

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