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How to improve font rendering in Visual Studio 2017

One of the things that always annoy me during programming is that fonts don't look like I like. Recently, I started playing with Visual Studio 2017 to do some C# programming, and I set my favorite font Haskling. It is Source Code Pro with ligatures for common programming operators, and I was disappointed how the font looks like compared to other editors on Windows.


This would be good for some people, but I am used to font rendering on macOS, and it also didn't look like anything I see in other editors on Windows.

After I googled a bit, I discovered there is an add-in for Visual Studio called Text Sharp that allows controlling how fonts are rendered. It gives you a few options in settings that can be tinkered.


So, I changed the Text formatting mode to Ideal and I was delighted with the result.


Tomáš Linhart

Tomáš Linhart

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